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10346465_513794165388618_8504645196510188957_n My name is Paris Nikolova. I am bulgarian, but I live and study Political science in Italy. I have been involved in many voluntary activities since I was 13 years old. All my life I was feeling the need to help other people without any expectations from them. I believe that when a person do good he receives it as well. And I am an example because I consider myself as a very happy person. I believe that the only constant in life is change. So I try new things all the time. But during the years, what remain as my interest are some sport activities-I love to play tennis, to do horse-riding, to swim and also to do yoga. For many years my biggest hobby is to read. I also like old movies and vintage music as well. I have my interest in art and also in fashion but I try not to be involved in this topic very much because I believe at some point it could be a little bit superficial. As I mentioned I study politics so this is a very important and interesting turning point in my life and I really enjoy it. I am curious about history, wars, poverty, world economy, conspiracy. My dream is one day to become a philanthropist so I would be able to help more people in trouble or without a fair possibility in life which they deserve, which in my opinion, every human being deserves. I would like to have my own organizations that will support voluntary work in general. I know that in can be very strange that a young person is so dedicated in this kind of issues, but there is a reason behind it. When I was very young they found that my mother has a cancer. Three years later, she has died while fighting with it. That is maybe the biggest reason that provoke me to try to help people more. At this time I was so young but I remember well how hard was to find an information about her disease and the ways of emotional support that we, her family, could give. I remember very well also how my family “donated” money for some hospitals, so my mother to have an adequate attention and help from the doctors. The same doctors who were asking also for personal bribes so they will provide us a medicine that are free but are not enough in the country for all the cancer patients, so those who had the possibility to pay for them, had also the possibility to fight for their lives. That was more than 8 years ago, but I believe nowadays nothing or a very little has changed. This is why I am here doing my voluntary work, trying everyday to make the World a better place to live in. This is why I created this blog. I am not going to talk about cancer on the first place, or fight for a particular cause. I created “Feed your humanity” because I want to help the society to feel the need of supporting each other. Because I know there are no bad people, there could be only bad actions. And the ugly things that happened to me, or which I saw during the years only have  made me a better person. But for some people it works just the opposite and they lose the hope in others and stop being nice, happy and helpful. But there is a hope! Always! And I will help you to find that hope. I will help you also to explore and then to feed your humanity. Because every good thing that I have made in my life, made me more happy that you could imagine. I know that I can’t fight against the system, or the people and organizations that want to take an advantage from the others  but the thing I can do is to provide information and to inspire more people to help and search for help. And I know that we must be united, because this is the only way we could be strong and make a difference. I believe in you, the only thing that is left is you to believe in yourself! 297520_147508695350502_395845546_n Me at the age of 13 organizing a donations for “Gavroche” orphanage.


24 responses to “About me

  1. Ohoooooooo……………………………………….my God, this pretty good that to sacrifice your self to save lives is to empathize, because there are so many people whose lives are characterized and plagued by constraints such as diseases, powerlessness and inability to meet basic necessities of life such as food, basic health care, education, e.t.c therefore its very important like you are doing to give voice to the disenfranchised and allowing the vulnerable people to have access to the basic materials that they desire and indeed thank you so much for being so passionate.
    I am doing all most the same work in my country Uganda – Africa only that i haven’t yet hosted the website but we are on Facebook.
    Thank you so much.
    May God reward you abundantly.


    • I am so glad we finally have a support from Africa! So nice of you to do that! Thank you for the lovely words, Waiswa Eddison Collins!
      We will change the World for better!
      All the best!


  2. Hey Paris, you sound like an awesome person to me. The kind of person I love reading about in books. I too believe think that we have an inner need to be helpful. I feel it all the time. Every time I rememeber how lucky I am and how many less fortunate people there are in the world. I live in a country where you can see an example of this every day. So, way to go girl!


  3. realy i am inspired by reading you story . i dont have father aslo . some times lost confident from myself . “the only thing that is left is you to believe in yourself!”… but from today i will keep this sentence in my mind . thanks sadru from chittagong , bangladesh .


  4. Am lack good words to express myself, but am so touched with your testimony. The scout movement founder said ” Leave this World a better place than you found it” exactly what you are doing. That’s my call, that’s heart. Hope one day we shall see each other and share this experience. May Almighty God see you through.

    call thcxc


  5. Very inspiring, very moving…your dedication to a cause you strongly believe in is totally amazing for a young woman! You have basically dedicated your young life helping many! I won’t be surprised to read your name one day (if not soon enough) to have won the Nobel prize!


    • dear SEO, don’t say like that….coz indian doing their bit…only they don’t know how to present….ok….and paris she is amazing…she is great with her work….


  6. Paris this is so inspiring i love this i have had a passion to do this but lack empowerment,but i wish we could meet one day and together we do this noble task here in rural Kenya.


  7. Paris thanks for great works you do to humanity.
    For the little period I interacted with you were so amazing for at your age you have the ability, willingness, capability and un-ending love for humanity.
    You able to understand politics can influence the underdevelopment and positive development of humanity.
    Keep it up my dear.
    Looking forward to meeting you again


  8. Hi Paris,

    You’re awesome, I’ve read few of your articles and I think your stile is so amusing and interesting but most of all I admire your passion and charity projects you’re involved. I see you’re coping quite well with life and just wanted to wish you good luck and happiness in the future.

    Alex (old friend of Alex :))


  9. Hi Paris,

    You’re awesome! I’ve read few of your articles and I think your stile is so amusing and interesting but most of all I admire your passion and charity projects you’re involved. I see you’re coping quite well with life and just wanted to wish you good luck and happiness in the future.

    Alex (old friend of Alex 🙂 )


      • At your age Paris u r amazing with your kind passionate for humanity. Thanks for the great works u r involved in and your understanding of humanity. Strive to greater heights that u can attain. Be courageus and fearless as u r bcoz Courage is the strength of the mind that conquers whatever threatens the attainment of the highest good.



  10. Hello Paris,

    Wow, What an amazing girl you are. It is one of the purest thing to help the needy people. When I was reading about your thoughts above then It was like that Im talking to myself. Let me know If I could be of any assistance for your organization. There is no need to suggest you but still enjoy life & humane work.



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