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I will be very happy if you write and send me your opinion about the blog. I am open for all kind of feedback including voluntary working, your questions, your doubts or any suggestions. I will be very grateful ❤

Your opinion is important, don’t be afraid to share it!

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Paris Nikolova

Professional Journalist
N36 Knqz Nikolai Nikolaevich Str.
Varna,9002 Bulgaria
+39 391 73 266 45

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40 responses to “Contact me

  1. It’s awesome,

    Please keep sharing and posting your ideas and experiences here. Tell me if I need your services not as volunteer but as a paid teacher will be working with us?


    • Hallo Ahsan Javed,
      and thank you for the kind words!
      I will keep doing the project and every Monday you can read the new article!
      For a future contact you can write on my e-mail!


  2. Hello,do you need any more help there? I am an englishbteacher in Spain. If you need anynhelp let me know. I consider your labor is really worthy and priceless there.


    • Thank you, Lydia Vicente! I am very happy you like my work! Thank you also for the proposal if you have time send me an e-mail so we can correspond more. All the best and keep Feeding your Humanity!


  3. hey Paraskeva hello how are you?i read your article you are really doing great was exciting to read your experience in india.some of the stuff you discussed in was not even known to me.i am interested to do volunteer work in field of health. actually i m a doctor and i m presently doing masters in public health managemet at bocconi university. i plan to open a ngo or business not for profit to serve the poor. but i am bit young in this field i dont have any experience till know so i was wondering if you can share your experience with me in detail for eg which organization you worked for,from where they got resources and finances etc.looking forward to hear your reply soon. i left a message for you on couch surfing as well bye.


  4. Dear Paraskeva, Namaste and Welcome to India !!

    It is really amazing to see that you are into such a great work for humanity. It would be a pleasure if you need any assistance from my side anytime. I have done Reiki II so in case any of your students need it or want to know about it – I will be highly obliged to support the cause anytime. You can mail me anytime at

    Thanks & regards,


  5. I really love to be in a voluntary activity… but usualy this kind of activities are expensive… how can i do it with out any payment…


  6. hi . this is sadru from chittagong , bangladesh . i love to help people and my feuture mission is work for the homeless and orphan chieldren .i am so happy to read your information that you wrote in your website .
    can you tell me that is there any possibilities for make my mission success with you . at present i am working with an airlines company in chittagogn . also i am doing diploma in french language . thank you …………..


  7. HI am so touched by the work you are doing to help the poor and the needy.Am interested to also volunteer and help make the world a better place.Am starting a project on a charity organization for Africa soon.You really inspire me God bless you.


  8. I love the work of humanitarian, that’s why I react to what you do, if you were likely to do this work, the world would be better and better, while still willing to do this work without compensation, I want to partner with your organization for the well-being of people in difficult situations.


  9. Actually i saw u on fb but really i m not understanding that…what actually is feedyourhumanity…..i would like to kw what it is.hw it wrks


  10. Hi
    Warm greetings from HMWS,Gorubathan in India.
    I am running a voluntary organisation for the underprivileged community since 2007.Thank you for your work as well.
    Please contact me whatever you wanna know more about me & my organisation.We are in need of partnership to help the helpless children and community.Thank you for your time.
    Kind Regards
    Pawan Thapa
    Himalayan Media Welfare Society


    • So happy to hear from you! Your mother is one of the most determinate and intelligent women I have ever met in my life! You must be proud to have her in your life! I hope you are doing well, it was a pleasure traveling with her! We will keep in touch. If anything you can send me e-mail on because I receive the letters directly on my phone! Take care, Esther and give your mother one big hug from me! Paris


  11. You make a difference and touched so many through your caring and positive attitude. Low key and behind the radar yet you have accomplished a lot in their eyes. If I could only vote….you’d be on top of my list for Nobel Peace Prize. Keep up the great work, Paris. I enjoy following you, reading your blogs and your projects! India is very lucky to have someone like you. If the world has a thousand Paris, imagine a better world!


  12. Hello Paris…….my name is Sadi from Ankara,Turkey.First of all just wanna say congratulations…. I work for a pharma company since1999…….your story is impressive and respectfull…….How can I help from Turkey?


  13. Wow you’re blog is truly amazing! It’s like you’re taking the words out of my mind! I also did volunterring for almost 4 months in South Africa and I was just blown away… As I’m also interested in India I wanted to ask with which organization you got there? I coulnd’t find it on your blog..

    Keep up with that I’m surely going to recommend this blog to my friends! 🙂



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