Future projects



My idea for now is to share with you my experience while traveling and volunteering in India.

For the future I would like to share with you my previous experience with organizing and searching for a voluntary work.

Also my most recent work with autistic kids and kids with cerebral palsy (CP) previous summer in my native country Bulgaria.

Hopefully this time I will have a chance to do more voluntary abroad.

I will be also happy if this blog turns to be a forum where people can share their experience while searching and doing a suitable for them voluntary activity. So in the future my blog will have also a forum and turn into a information and discussion point.

Soon there is going to be also a Fb group supporting my Blog!- ok done! visit https://www.facebook.com/feedyourhumanity?fref=ts

And the best is yet to come!




6 responses to “Future projects

  1. Hello Paraskeva!
    I have a question for oyu. I’ll be visiting India soon. And i would love to get involved in some voluntary work. Can you suggest me something? Any organisation, NGO?


  2. I proud of you Paris! You’re a real human. I want to join you to do this kind of volunteering jobs… so, let me know if you need a hand please.


  3. Loved reading the entire idea, We also believe in the same philosophy of travel. We are a social enterprise which beliefs in giving back, taking care of local and needy is our prime concern. We promote the sustainable and responsible way of travelling in India, Nepal and Bhutan.


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