The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.

He enters the room and you can feel how different is he.

His aura, his energy – one of those people that even if you know anything about you feel he empowers you just with his presence. Briefly after, within his first couple of words – you know – you can do everything what makes you happy no matter what.

His name is Honey Katiyal.


Who is he?


A Real Estate Tycoon Mr Honey Katiyal, Founder & CEO of Investors Clinic is a visionary genius, a value builder with a global mindset in the world of real estate.

Honey Katiyal practically transformed the face of real estate industry in India by bringing in professionalism in this sector. With a world record of selling properties and and many soddisfied families he is on the top of the pyramid of India’s real estate business. Today for me it is a great pleasure and really overwhelming to announce he become a part of our Feed your humanity family and newly ambassador.

What we have in common?

Education,education ,education ! The century of information.


In 2013 I have created my association and lately blog Feed your Humanity having the main purpose and believing deeply in my soul and mind that we are all deserve a chance in life. And most of all we deserve a chance for education, standing for it for more than 14 years of voluntary experience, working in Italy, Bulgaria, India and Kenya. Information as we know is the first and main resource having it’s importance in 2019. And the biggest and the brightest present we can give to all the children, to our children ❤ is to give them the possibility of learning– to give them an adequate education and information.” Equality ” in name of the need «of knowing» that me Paris Nikolova, my team in FEED YOUR HUMANITY and mister Honey Katiyal is exactly what we stand for.


What we love about him:


He says it he does it!

Never met a person like him. His passion of bringing change and “chances” in India can’t compare to anybody else.

He doesn’t scare the rivals, actually just the opposite – he paves the road for everybody’s good.

When the students tell him « I want to be like you, sir»  he simply responds «But why not bigger and brigther than me? Be better than me!»

He is a true visionire and more important he is ready to help. Not only he is taking care of more than 2 000 workers and their families but he as mentioned stand and work in the name of the power of education.


Recently improving School Infrastructure of two primary schools situated in the villages of Noida, namely Junior High School, Raipur, Sector 126, Noida and Primary School, Raipur, Sector 126 Noida, Investors Clinic CEO Honey Katiyal stands behind what he believes. Giving a whole new look to these schools is one of his steps to enhance education standards, provide quality education to develop transformative future leaders. He is dedicated to the believe that a school is the one which helps in shaping up a student’s personality and holistic learning process. Apart from giving a facelift to both the schools, the whole Investors clinic staff at frequent intervals  pay a visit to these schools and distribute clothes, school uniform and sweaters to the children. This significant and progressive initiative by Honey Katiyal to make schools a better place for students not only helps in building literacy but also provide support to poor families kids emotionally.


Dedication. Dedication. Dedication.

We believe that more people would join us in the name of our future generations. Will invest their time, energy and work to provide what we stand for – a fair education for every children in this world.  As Walt Disney once said «if you can dream it you can do it.»

In closure:

Mr Honey Katiyal is a true inspiration but not only of his successful businesses but mainly his pure heart and most important – his capability of sharing success. He believes in Humanity. And to be capable of loving and helping another human being is what Humanity is all about. The two great commandments—to love God and our neighbor—are a joining of the temporal and the spiritual. But helping others – the beauty of it, the grace, the love which we give – these are what we stay alive for.

Can’t wait to see what’s next, mister Honey Katiyal.

Till next and remember – the best is yet to come.


Thank you for these 6 years together standing together and ‘feeding our humanity”.


Limitless love for all of you.

And remember – you are as big as your dreams are.





6 responses to “INSPIRATIONS

  1. Hello Paraskeva!
    I have a question for oyu. I’ll be visiting India soon. And i would love to get involved in some voluntary work. Can you suggest me something? Any organisation, NGO?


  2. I proud of you Paris! You’re a real human. I want to join you to do this kind of volunteering jobs… so, let me know if you need a hand please.


  3. Loved reading the entire idea, We also believe in the same philosophy of travel. We are a social enterprise which beliefs in giving back, taking care of local and needy is our prime concern. We promote the sustainable and responsible way of travelling in India, Nepal and Bhutan.


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