The mission


Everyone! My name is Paris Nikolova. I decided to start my own blog about humanity, because I wanted to share my seven years of previous experience with voluntary work and hopefully my future one. I will start with posts about my adventures in India. One and half year ago, when I was 19 years old, I went there to volunteer as an English teacher. I wanted to help kids who do not have an equal possibility for education as people in more developed societies do. I find my journey pretty daring so I would love to tell you my personal story. During my 2 months and a half stay there I wrote almost everyday notes following my life and my work with the kids. In a complete new environment which was India for me, writing was my greatest pleasure and this is how I was keeping my contact with my closest friends in Europe. Many fascinating things happened to me and I am ready to share my experience and point of view about volunteering, about India, about life in general.


529116_354475284653841_208309976_nthe boy is smiling showing us a very simple truth ” Let’s give thanks, thanks for what we’ve got, whether it’s a little or a lot a lot a lot. Maybe it is special or maybe not, but never take for granted what we’ve got!”

My focus group is you, yes, you – people starving to feed their humanity. Young people with dreams, ambitions, individuals who want to travel, to explore, people who want to help.

My idea is to help people all over the World to understand that being kind and helping the others is just like the happiness- not a destination, but a way of living. I give myself as an example that we can always help even without the direct usage of money. Only five months ago I decided to cut 40 sm of my long, curly hair, which I was growing all my life. The reason for that is because I found an organization that makes wigs from donated hair for kids ,suffering from leukemia. I loved my hair but trust me, sometimes giving away things that you love the most, makes you understand that there are far more important things in life. And it also makes you realize that everyday is a gift and we are so happy to have this fortune of being alive. So my hair is growing now and I am more than happy because I know, making a little sacrifice brought somewhere a smile of happiness. And that is why I am using this donation to start “Feed your humanity” to provoke common people just like me to do the same, to try in various ways to Feed their humanity.


This blog is not supporting any particular cause, but is about discovering the inner need of being helpful to the less fortunate. You know what they say – you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you back. Let’s be united, let’s make a difference because that way we will be incredibly strong and we will change this World for good. Are you ready?


7 responses to “The mission

  1. You are inspiring. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be two things: a singer and a Peace Corps worker. I am not young like you and do not “fit” into your main demographic or “focus group” of who you are trying to help, but you are never too old to follow your dreams (mine–travel and volunteer work). In two weeks, I settle my youngest of two children into college. And, one week later I am leaving on a flight from the US to Central America, having sold everything, but still with very little money, I embark upon my journey. You are amazing, inspiring both the young and older.


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