Tip of the week!

  Every Wednesday I will post a little suggestion how we can help in the everyday life. I had my inspiration for this because I know all the people are good people. And I believe everybody has the inner need to do good. But sometimes even if it is something very simple, people don’t know the exact way of helping others. So I will publish a few simple tricks of the ways by which we can take part in the betterment of the society we live in. All the tips are going to be very simple and the only rule is that money shouldn’t be used directly while helping. Enjoy!


A birthday surprise!

This May my most precious had his 26th birthday so I wanted to make the day special! See how 🙂

What do you need?

  1. Choose some of your favorite photos with the person you would like to surprise and then print them
  2. Some color pen so you can write your wishes
  3. Colorful balloons to be filled with Helium (find on internet a shop that they can make it for you, if not order on eBay a pump with helium and a special balloons that can be filled with helium, the number of balloons depends of the number of the photos you choose)
  4. Scotch tape
  5. A good friend that can help you with the preparations 🙂

How you do it?

My boyfriend turned 26 this year and we had also our first anniversary. This photo is one year ago when we made a pizza together on his 25th birthday party!


So I’ve decided that it will be very sweet as his present to make some special surprise. So I chose some of our favorite photos and memories and went to print them. 10649440_651618901606143_2353421892089298953_n

Then I went to a specialized store to order 18 balloons with Helium.

Then on each back of the photos I wrote a dedication. Sweet messages and wishes for my birthday sweetheart!


Then with the help of my wonderful friend Cami,


we took the scoth tape on each photo’s back and stick it to the ribbon hanging down each balloon.

It was quite funny because we were hanging around the town with a car filled with balloons and inside there was almost no place for us 😀


Then on the last balloon I put a birthday card saying that I love all of our memories and I wish we will have some more in July when we are going to Paris (the airplane tickets were my actual present). Of course you can choose some other present but I wanted something that we can live and do together, because I believe so much that Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”



Then we left all the balloons in my room and I went to have a dinner with my boyfriend and I insisted we stay outside late till 12 p.m. Later we went home and when he opened the door he was left speechless. Later telling me that this is the best present he has ever had. Hugging me and passing photo by photo reading together the birthday wishes and discussing funny stories from places we have visited.


I hope you liked the birthday surprise I made for my boyfriend and you will be inspired to do it for somebody you love!

And if you do – you will most probably receive this beautiful smile in return ❤


Till then I am sending you all of my love and kisses! Till the next week! Enjoy!

Love Paris!

TIP OF THE last WEEK IS: mission: Easter tree!


what do you need: a small tree branch, 5-6 raw eggs, needle, thick thread,painting colors and paint brushes, glue, all things which you can use as an Easter ornaments- ribbons, artificial chicks, ladybugs, some packing paper and many piece of love and inspiration! 10152581_484921068275928_4815319325630505045_n Today is the last day before  one of the most important Christian holidays, Easter. As you know I am Bulgarian, but I am currently studying political science in Italy. However, this year I decided not to go back home and to enjoy my holiday here in Bologna. I can’t tell you how happy I was, when my father told me he is coming to visit and to be with me for the Easter this Sunday. So I decided to make him a surprise, something that me and my sister and my mother traditionally were used to do every year during the Easter holidays- an Easter tree! 10250118_484920561609312_1467899623718623858_n 10170989_484920574942644_1453375216099168396_n I think it is a great and easy idea to bring an Easter holiday spirit- how I did in my house in Italy! 10277116_484921354942566_1563071043075678681_n So I called a dear friend of mine- Alfred and invited him to join me for a breakfast and the preparation of the tree- my father’s welcoming present. I was pleased when he responded that his mother insists to do the egg painting and the tree together in their beautiful house outside the town in the  countryside of Italy! 988649_484923671609001_2456108191702350491_n 10151804_484581784976523_8069433099214196619_n How to start? First you need to drill with a thick needle carefully the eggs on their both sharp sides and then carefully to blow the juice inside  in a bowl. Once the eggs are hollow, insert the needle thread through the two holes and tie on one side. So once you paint the eggs with different images according to your fantasy you can hang them on a tree branch. 10258792_484921098275925_2735722382737667882_n 10153768_484921268275908_2716770042216567759_n 10155268_484921288275906_859051937645699155_n Once your eggs are beautifully painted and ready, leave them to dry and start embellish the branch with the Easter ornaments that you have chosen. It is all about your own imagination and fantasy! Once you are done decorating, carefully hang your eggs on the branch and put it in a beautiful vase when all of your guests can see it in your house during the Easter holidays! 10246802_484928114941890_2293762120302239671_n 10250053_484921341609234_2843060703108824633_n I hope you have enjoyed my tip how to make your own personalized Easter tree and you are going to do one with your family, kids or friends! Enjoy your Easter holiday! With all my love, Paris 1512297_484929358275099_6257048390448032507_nMe and the very beautiful and gentle mother of my friend(Aurora), posing with our creation! Enjoy!! Tip of the last week: MAKE A FRUIT NECKLACE! Making fruit necklaces, especially if you have children, is a wonderful way to help them want to eat healthy! I think I will make myself one! Isn’t it fantastic! Eat well, feel good, be positive! It’s a great idea for you and your whole family! Enjoy! 1960097_717734888279130_399625480_n6a00e55246b63f88340167685ff474970b-800wi Tip of the last week:


Never let anyone to make you believe it is not a wonderful world around! 998038_391822747585761_1866386578_n Past 5 weeks I went to a very difficult period in my life. I had so many exams at the university and also so much work for the blog and I was juggling between my personal and love life and my duties. I started skipping my yoga lessons that usually I do everyday because I wanted to find some time to go out. I started meeting young people from my university that enjoy having fun and I had nice time with them between my studies but soon I felt like they are very negative. All the time they were talking about cheat, alcohol, gambling and how normal is all that in everyday life. I had fun with them, because they are also very intelligent, but as I noticed they had a negative influence on me and I also started thinking less positive and more like life sucks more often. But that is not true! Life is incredible so I am back on a track more fresh than ever. That is why I am asking you to choose wisely who you spend time with and even talk to, because everyone , everyday leaves a piece of himself. And it is better if that peace is not only intelligence and wisdom, but also love and a lot of positivism. Because there is not a greater gift but being alive! So enjoy, and always believe..if you can dream it, you can do it! Tip of the last week: Be kind! 998410_386582948109741_1995532181_n According to me, education and culture are some of the greatest benefits I like in my family and friends. When I meet someone new these are some of the main qualities I do appreciate. They say that “A well education means sometimes accepting and standing the bad education others have”, so this week I am just asking you- BE kind to unkind people. Provoke well behavior in others, be nice. I strongly believe that good attitude always provokes good attitude. Be educated! Good luck! Tip of the last week: “Make a phone call!” 1044414_384216138346422_594067606_n If there is a person that is out of your life but you still feel emotionally attached by him in one or another way…Call him! Tell this person how you feel about the things that you had in common. It could be a relative, or a friend, or maybe lover. Don’t be afraid to share your real emotions. It is better than falling asleep for months thinking about what you could have done better or you could’ve told at this time, don’t you think? It is not too late. It is never too late. And remember, sometimes is better to be loved rather than dignified 🙂 Tip of the last week: KEEP CALM AND DON’T JUDGE! 6 I will tell you something honestly. If you don’t like the actions of somebody in your life, the most stupid thing you can do is to judge this person. There are only two healthy choices which are not going to cost you emotional pain or stress. First you have to answer to yourself if you love this person. Here we have 2 choices-if yes, just love him for whatever she/he is. Don’t try to change him because according to me the real “change” starts only when the person itself wants it. Every other change could be just a temporary one. So if you love this person, just accept him for whatever she/he is. Because sometimes even the flaws which seem to be irritating could be actually the real charm which this person has. If you find a habit/s that you are really angry about, the best thing you can do is to speak directly and honestly about this and also about what in the comportment of this person you find disturbing or disrespectful. If the person care enough, I am sure he will like to try changing himself. Secondly, if you don’t love this person or think he is a bad influence for you-again don’t judge him, but try to reduce or remove the emotional contact you have. If is your boss or you depend on this person-just be nice and kind but don’t think about his actions deeply and don’t accept them too personally. Just do your job avoiding any further contact. There is an extra choice is you love the person but he is unable or is unwilling to change some major issues that are very dangerous or disturbing for you-then again do the best you can-support him, but if you don’t see any beneficial progress -think about the first rule in life-If you want to help, take care and love the others, first you need to help, take care and love yourself! So do it! Choose what is the best for you, because trust me, sometimes letting someone who we really love out of our life can bring us someone even better and who fits us more. Don’t be afraid and don’t judge anyone because:

When you point a finger there are three fingers pointing back at you!

Tip of the last week: § TALK! § 1044772_379232925511410_1292145102_n[1]

I think most of the problems between people are created by missunderstanding between them. Sometimes It could be consequence of misleading or high expectations that the others didn’t justify. Or it could be povoked by greed, jealousy and many other things. So my advice this week is – if you happen to have a problem with somebody- talk to them. Don’t leave words unsaid. There are so many people all over the World and they are so different – different emotional level, different intellectual level.  That is also what fascinates me about the World. All the religions, all the cultures and the uniqueness of the way each of us think and act. This is a double-edged sword. So try to extract the benefits of it. That is why the comunication is created – it’s your most powerful weapon. Maybe you’ve heard the idiom ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. It means that words and  communication are stronger than the clubs of war. So talk! Resolving your problems depends only on you. If you hide your thoughts no one will know they exists and people won’t understand if you are upset or disappointed in them. As the peace of wisdom of Budha says “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” This is so true. So be  clever enough not to make that mistake! Make your life easier, make the life of the people around you easier. Just try to talk, believe me you have nothing to lose! Don’t judje the others if they don’t understand, but try to explain yourself better. After all, I believe one must always be dignified but within a limit, because too high dignity seems like a stupidity to me. As once Balzak has once written “It is much better to be loved rather than dignified”.
Good luck!

Tip of the last week: “Be SINCERE” it-is-a-poor-idea-to-lie-to-yourselftumblr_m2gwu3c4fT1qddj2po1_500 Some people lie all the time – for compulsive liars, telling a falsehood is a default action. But for a stab at a more reasonable number, but at a study conducted by University of Massachusetts researcher Robert Feldman, demonstrates how reflexive the act of lying is for many people. Most of the people are telling falsehood more than 50 times per day! That I found very awful-that is why this week I ask you-STOP LYING! You will feel so much better. Just be sincere and if you did something wrong before, tell the person-that will open your energy and make you feel better. Build a trust! Because most of the times in long terms if lying or misleading someone we can only deceive ourselves. Tip of the last week: “If your friend or family member feels depressed- go and explore a beautiful place together”

994295_373112289456807_1758898755_nThe healing power of the nature283781_262204727214231_1712146919_n

Nowadays, we more often confront a big problem- which are all the depressive conditions that people around are suffering. Because of that my advice this week is if you know a person or you have noticed that someone around you is feeling low, don’t leave him alone, but put some comfortable clothes and go to a beautiful place. It can be the nearest park or a zoo, or a forest nearby(if you live in a town). With me always the connection with the Earth, with the nature and the animals, helps me feel better and after that more charged to be able handle my life. Everyday I go to the nearest park (I am really fortunate because I live in a very down-town in the city but 5 minutes by walking from home, there is an amazing park) and walk at least half an hour without shoes on the grass. This will help you and your family and friends to reduce the stress. And the time spend with our love ones is always really precious-you know! So go and help your friends, make them feel better with the power of the Nature!! All the best for this week! Tip of the last week is: Say I LOVE YOU, when you really love someone! 943037_370460619721974_2049436198_n father, I love him with all my heart! When was the last time you said I love you to your mother, father, relatives, best friends, boyfriend/girlfriend? Do it now, do it this week, with no other reason than your true love that you feel for this person! Do it now, because sometimes, trust me, there is no «later», because sometimes there is no «tomorrow».. I love you! TIP OF THE last WEEK : This week we are going to play a game. The Rules are Simple. Every time when you use the phrase «I want» you have to substitute it with the phrase “I will give”. Why? It is called appreciation. Try it and you will see, the less you want and need, the better you will feel. And before we “want” we need to figure out what we give to deserve it. If not it is too easy and boring, don’t you think so? 945054_367891863312183_261262756_nthe boy is smiling showing us a very simple truth ” Let’s give thanks, thanks for what we’ve got, whether it’s a little or a lot a lot a lot. Maybe it is special or maybe not, but never take for granted what we’ve got!” TIP OF THE last WEEK was… I smile..you SMILE! 970881_365147216919981_1447600953_n Nowadays, people forget to smile to each other! I do it everyday and it helps me a lot, I feel better and when I smile to somebody (even a stranger on the street) he always SMILEs back at me! So do it, make the World more positive and welcoming place for living! Make a difference! Tip of the last week: § Give somebody a flower! § 601891_248414358593268_892555618_n finished-spring-bouquet When was the last time you gave somebody a flower? When was the last time somebody gave you a flower without a special occasion? Do it this week!! I am always so happy to receive flowers even from my friends girls. You can buy or just have one from a garden or a parc and give it to somebody you love. It can be your sister, best friend, grandmother, boyfriend – everybody you have in mind. Do not feel strange to make this gesture to a boy or a man, beauty is for everybody, so get out of your comfort zone and just do it! Make somebody a sweet suprise! 🙂 Good luck! 419214_358056510962385_640237480_n Tip of the last week: Support old people!! Happy-Old-People My proposal this week is to give away for voluntary about 2% of everything that you spend for pleasure. By «pleasure» understand, going out with friends (restaurants, clubbing, coffee and ecc.), shopping for clothes, paying for the gym, hairdresser, going on holiday and many other things. If you give for an example 100 euro for shoes to spoil yourself, you need to use 2 euro for voluntary. At the end of the month when you will make your balance you can use this 2% in the supermarket. I will tell you how. Maybe many times you saw the scene when an old woman or man are collecting their coins so they can pay the bill in the supermarket. So pay it for them! Just gently propose and smile. I did it a couple of times and people are always very grateful, because 5 euro(for example) can be almost nothing for someone that go out often or spend money for clothes. But usually for some old retired person this can be money enough for food for 2 days. Do good, be happy! Good luck!! Tip of the last week: 315989_358618700906166_111744474_n 321591_356306921137344_32811139_n


3 responses to “Tip of the week!

  1. Amazing ideas. Really enjoyed reading them. You are very creative and gently person. Wish you best. Keep doing what you are doing. I am really fascinated about it. I hope someday we could help people together. I am also looking forward for volunteering, but it is difficult to make it now because i am not finished with High school yet, but you never know what can happen in the future. I am going to check your blog everyday girl, i really like it. Keep it up!


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