India 3. Do you believe in destiny..or 40 wonderful children’s eyes!



I am in India. In a small room in Hawala village. At least 40 eyes are staring at me. The most innocent eyes I have and maybe I will ever see in my life.

In the previous article I told you – 10th of August is the day that have changed me. It is the first day of my life for 19 years that I felt really complete. The best feeling that I have ever had and that according to me someone can experience.

Why? Because for the first time I was not only helpful for myself, but I was helpful for many others, I was significant, and more important, I was enough mature to realize it. To realize that the secret of happiness is not fighting for it, but sharing it with the others.

So this 40 wonderful children’s eyes were staring at every gesture that I was making, at every move, at every word I say. I was there to teach this young Indians English, but in this very moment I realized it is far more than that. I was there to share myself with them – to share my emotions, my life, my experience, my skills, to be honest with them in every single moment. To be by their side when they need me, because the most unpleasant mistake that you can make is to be dishonest with a kid. Kids understand more than we think they do. So, to lie into these angelic eyes is pointless.

This was my first day speaking with my students, introducing ourselves to each other. They are staring at me and my eyes in return are staring back at them.

I was supposed to be the teacher’s assistant in India, because many of the kids, especially the youngest one, didn’t know more than 10 words in English and I didn’t speak their national language – Hindi.

But he was absent the first day because his wife was pregnant and I was alone in the center. In fact, I saw this man just one time during my whole stay, when he gave me the keys for the center where we had the lessons with the kids and wished me luck. So, prepared or not, I was their main and only teacher during my stay in India, which was a big challenge, but after I had once experienced it, I was very happy I was having this opportunity.

At this very first meeting the leader of the organization and some of the adult kids were translating my words and were helping me speak with the others. That was the first big test that I was facing, while being a teacher.

All the kids were so well disciplined, sitting on the rugs on the floor, listening to my words carefully, and not making any noise. The time that was given for our activities flew so fast and our first meeting had to finish.

It was so interesting, because in this moment all the kids stood up, resting their hands in prayer position, pronouncing loudly the next words:

“Oh, God, keep us save when we go home

Oh God bless us all


Most of my students were Hindus, following one of the World’s oldest religions – Hinduism. In demographic terms Hinduism is the third most widespread religion in the world after Christianity and Islam, with approximately 1 billion followers, approximately 828 million of whom live in India.


As you can see on the map, this is the prevalent religion in India, but during my stay I met many Christians, Buddhists and Muslims. I also visited the Golden tample in Amritsar where you can see many Sikhs wearing turbans. 🙂

While getting back to the guesthouse from the educational center, the leader of the organization and I had a conversation. He saw that I was exhausted and he told me that the wonderful things I do will repay back. Everything I invest today, coming in India and working with the kids, will make me a better person in the future. But I already felt it. These 40 innocent eyes have already paid the bill – they have inhabited my heart. And I was daring for more – not to receive but to give from myself. The best feeling as I told you is to give and share your happiness, to FEED YOUR HUMANITY…

In the first part of this article I asked you if you do believe in luck,  if you believe in fortune. Maybe you already answered to yourself, so now it is my time. No, I do not. Or at least not in fortune that is believed to be already set in our life. The luck does not exist, in my opinion, until we create it. And do you know how we do this? Persistence, persistence and strong will. Strong ambition. Strong determination about what we like, how we like it, and the idea how we can get it. My goal is to help people who are less fortunate in life than me. I like to help and to be in use of the society, to try to create a better living environment for everybody with my own ideas. And I know how to do it.

So after having this very long day in the private school, at the beautiful village that we visited earlier(see the first part: and after the first meeting with my students, I was really tired, but I had fireworks inside myself – fireworks of exploring, of creating, of thinking, of seeing new things, of seeing new beautiful eyes. Fireworks of real happiness.

And if you are open to receive my advice I can tell you how to feel this. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”- a Chinese philosopher Laozi once said. So go out and make that step for you. Explore, create, search and find what can make your life complete. Find what makes you truly happy and never let it go. And never forget to help, to help everybody, to share your happiness. Because trust me it will repay you back. And it will bring you the best feeling that one can ever have. The feeling of being complete!


6 responses to “India 3. Do you believe in destiny..or 40 wonderful children’s eyes!

  1. What a nice blog… I agree with you, the meaning of life is to feed our humanity in order to be happy, and share this happiness with people from all the world. You seems to be a great person ! Thank you for this lesson of life.

    Pauline, from France.


  2. Very inspiring! I must say you have a beautiful soul. Keep up the good work.
    I find a TED talk by Peter Singer on “Effective Altruism” worth sharing with you. Please do watch it and I hope you will like it.


  3. Feeling proud for the initiatives u took…. Also feeling ashamed for not feeding the humanity till now!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this blog and for changing the way I used to think about my life.


  4. I am digressing from the essence of this article here. But wanted to clarify something you had mentioned.

    I am from India. My mother tongue is not Hindi, but I like Hindi. Hindi, in my opinion, is a easy to learn language (reading, writing and speaking) compared to many of the other languages. And just like every language has its strengths, one of Hindi’s strength is that it is great language to be used among friends, and it is the most common language especially in north India. Having said this, Hindi is not India’s national language. India does not have a national language. India has many official languages (and Hindi is one of them), but no one national language. Even many of the so called “educated” Indians are not aware of this. So I don’t blame you.


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