India 16. After all, always remember – under the rain, we are all equal.



After all, always remember – under the rain, we are all equal. No matter what we do or how successful we are, we cannot be our best all the time. I used to blame myself for creating situations where I couldn’t act as good as I wished, or situations that made me feel less happy. But as time passed by and with the experience I gained, I realized that life is not necessarily black or white. There are many different shades. And prepared or not everything pass by either way. There are always some unpleasant periods, even if we try hard to prevent them, but then there are also some amazing and unexpected moments that make us feel alive. Really alive. I always try to stay positive, because I know that everything is going to get better and I believe that even if something bad happens surely something amazing will follow. That is what gives me hope and keeps me strong as long as possible, because sometimes it is all matter of time. And the persistence and the courage have no other choice, but to finally win, to reach their goal.

Have you ever had such a long and refreshing dream, which in the morning made you feel like all your worries went away? That is what happened to me the day after I had the unpleasant conversation with S., the leader, and that is what put me back in shape.


One night the other girls, that were volunteering in the center, invited me to dinner with them, but I decided not to go because I really needed a break to put my mind in order. Before I went to bed, I was re-reading “Idiot” –  a novel from the Russian classic writer Dostoevsky. I decided to write to the doctor I met the night before. In other circumstances, I would never use a visit card from a stranger and call him, but that night I felt the need to talk with someone outside the organization and I actually had a very nice first impression of him. I woke up at 8:30, refreshed without a trace of disappointment and anger and decided the best way to use this energy is to start looking for a place to stay for the rest of my mission. I looked for hotels that were not expensive and that I could affort, because, at first, I decided not to tell my father about the whole situation. Nowdays, I don’t keep any secrets from him, but at that time I knew that he would’ve advised me to go back home. But I was absolutely sure that I was capable to go though this and first of all I wanted to finish my mission – teaching the kids.

After breakfast I went downtown. I took an aar – very small vehicle, which cost me 3-5 rupees (15 cents). I wanted to find a rikscha that could drive me to the hotels I checked on the Internet. While I was looking for it, a dozen of children crowded around me and started asking for money, touching me, and pulling my clothes.

I felt sorry for these poor kids, but as I already said, I do not tolerate begging. So, I went away and I took a rikscha, so I could reach the tourist area of the old city.

Now, I am going to tell you how much India thought me bargaining. I never thought I could be this kind of person, but over there it is a way of living. They are selling everything to the tourist overprized.

I went to see a hotel, which seemed like a very cheap one. They were offering the rooms for 700 rupees ~ 11 euro per night. I didn’t like the rooms; they were too small and with no light, and the owner made an offer for 7 euro for night. I realized that actually nothing in there cost as much as they were offering; even if compared to our standards it was not this expensive for sure. In that moment, the bargaining started growing in my soul. As I already told you, I was searching for something very cheap, because I had to live there for 1 month, and considering the fact, that I was not a tourist and my aim was to help the people there, it seemed to me unneeded spending a lot of money for accommodation, instead of for consumptives like books for the kids, I was teaching.

In another hotel the rooms were much brighter and the guy from the reception was giving me one for 3,5 euro per night. I am telling you all this because usually people really think going to volunteer will cost them a lot. That is why I am here to help and convince you that especially in off-season from around April until September you can find in that area unbelievable cheap accommodation if barge a little. The conditions are not great but when going for a voluntary work I think you must be ready for anything. I would feel very uncomfortable if I stayed in a luxury hotel and then I have to go to a village teaching the kids. So I think under the circumstances every volunteer is affronting-a simple, clean room with a separate shower is more than enough. After all you are not there for a vacation.

I came down to 2 places and finally I choose a room for the price of 8 euro per night (they made me a discount because I was a volunteer). At the second place, which was nearby, the owner even offered me a free little room with the words – “You came from 10 thousand kilometers to help our kids; this is the least I can do for your noble cause”. Anyway I chose the first one, which I paid for, because I liked the atmosphere, and there was a painter, that was giving lessons on the first floor, who later also became my friend.


Maybe for many of my readers, especially while reading the last articles, it seemed strange how I made a decision and just moved. I even received letters from people, asking me “Wasn’t all this very dangerous?” In response, I would like to say that, surely, I was feeling a little bit afraid but in my oppinion, a little danger is okay, because it is a risk. And we all know that without risking, there is no winning. Now, 2 years later, I must say I won a lot from these decisions and even if I was a little bit fearful in the beginning, I succeeded to extract many benefits from all the unpleasant things I went through.

After the day I spent looking for a new place to stay, I had lessons with the kids. They were doing so well with their studying, and I decided to let them have some free time at the end just for playing games. It was amazing seeing them happy and grateful, enjoying the games, and playing with each other. They even taught me some particular Indian game and I played with them. When I saw their smiles, I felt incredible and I forgot all of the recent misunderstandings and problems. It was amazing!


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