India 20. Work hard, be successful, be perfectionist in your life, but choose a very nice circle friends who are going to surround you, and with whom you will be able to dance, to enjoy everything and to have the best moments of your life!

So, my day started having ginger, lemon, honey, and a huge plate of exotic fruit salad in the lobby of the hotel. Just next to me a woman, a single woman, started talking to me and I invited her to sit next to me. The thing that India has changed a lot in me is that I opened myself more to people that I don’t know. I have noticed that Indians are very friendly to strangers. They always find time for a cup of tea and nice conversation. So, Lei joined my table and I had a nice companion for breakfast. She told me she come from Melbourne (ever since I was a little girl, Australia is my dreamland), she told me she is also a vegan and have kids. She shared a lot about her family – she had a son and a daughter a few years older than me, who also loved travelling a lot. Her son was about to go in Mexico for his studies, because few months ago he had met a Mexican girl and they felt madly in love with each other. So who says that the long distance relationship is impossible? Lei also told me about her experience in India. She shared with me that she had a very nice time in Pushkar which is a holly city. There the alcohol and the meat are forbidden. The town has more than 100 temples. We talked a lot and just before leaving she asked me to take a picture of me explaining that she usually captures all the interesting and nice people she met on the road. It is an awesome idea, isn’t i?. This way you always take a good memory within you.
It was funny because when I went up in the room I wanted to take a shower and I found out that there was no hot water. I asked on the reception what was the problem and they told me there was no problem, they just didn’t have hot water that day they proposed me a bucket of hot water! I was amazed. They bring it to you, you mix it with cold water and then you take a bath by using a bow to spill the water over your hair and body.
I decided to take a cold shower because I was not fascinated by the idea of hot bucket of water and it was a very hot day anyway.
Later, I spent with the painter around four hour, so I could finish my painting on silk that was a present for my father’s birthday.

It was during the weekend, so I had all the day free and me and Kaps (my new friend) went to his hotel for swimming.


He is incredibly funny man and I like how respectful he is and that he tries every time to make me laugh. The hotel was situated just near the village I was teaching in and I saw some of my students running and playing on the road. I felt so happy and showed them to Kapil. The hotel was right in the middle of a field and there were many beautiful trees and plants around and the view was incredible; there were birds which were flying and singing around. In the hotel the staff have damaged a nest of bees and it was great because we ate some fresh honey. That’s one of the things that I lobe about India – everything is fresh and natural and tastes amazing.

Earlier Kapil promised me that he would introduce me to his friend who was a dentist and they know each other from the hospital.
He told me we were invited for a dinner in her house after that. While we were going to the meeting Kaps stopped downtown where his house was and excused himself, telling me he is going just for 10 minutes for a prayer in his house with his family. Later on he explained me that they do that every night so he cannot miss it – it would be disrespectful for his family. I loved how caring and traditional they are.
When we arrived in the house of Kirti I saw the most smiling and beautiful Indian I have ever met. She was so positive and hospitable, it was lovely to be around her. She told me she was engaged and her wedding was in February next year. It was going to be a huge wedding with more than a 5 thousand people.

My friend Kirti  her husband on their engagement party! Wonderful couple! 



At this time she was still living with her family but they were out of the town so in the house were only her and her brothers, who were incredibly kind.
The house was very stylish and I noticed that Kirti was a very good housewife, because even though there were many people from the staff cooking in the kitchen she was checking everything around and tasting if it was good. We had aperitif in the garden with drinks, salads and some salty foods. After that we went to smoke shisha. I usually like it very much but this was the best I have ever tried – so light and tasty. After that we were dancing, having a lot of fun and it came the time for the real dinner, although I was already feeling full of all the previous food served.


Me, Kirti and her brother.
It was such a great night – I had so wonderful time with all of her family and with the doctor, and I was happy I have finally found a nice girl friend who can be close to me in India.
Doctor Kapil inspire me because he is full of positivism and he is a really nice person, although he is very down to earth and mature. He gives me always advises to be very careful about the people I am choosing to be around me in my life, because they can influence me and my character and success. He told me that his motto in life is ‘Work hard as a monkey, party well as a monkey’. I loved it. I was also very happy knowing that he has an amazing friend as Kirty.
So dear readers, that is and my advice for you. Work hard, be successful, be perfectionist in your life, but choose a very nice circle friends who are going to surround you, and with whom you will be able to dance, to enjoy everything and to have the best moments of your life!


5 responses to “India 20. Work hard, be successful, be perfectionist in your life, but choose a very nice circle friends who are going to surround you, and with whom you will be able to dance, to enjoy everything and to have the best moments of your life!

  1. Your shares are making me fascinated.I just wanna take a place with you.Anyway, I wish you success,peace and happiness entire your life..and also wish to come across with you one a day. Best regards from Turkey


    • Hallo, Mehmet! I am happy you like and enjoy my ideas! I hope in the future that will provokes you to do some voluntary work as well! Wish you too all the happiness and health and hopefully we will see each other one day in Turkey! Paris


  2. hey darling…i miss u so so very much..muaah..n thnx a lot 4 adding some moments v spent 2gether in ur blog…m really happy dat u remember us so much..but u missed d actual indian wedding…hope u could b a part of it ..i knoe u tried a lot but don miss d nxt real sis wedding in feb…just come..n i just wanna say dat u r one f d most beautiful gal i had evr seen …at looks…everythn..u r just amazing my fern.. actually inspire me to do things out f d box…sanjay n me we both wish u all the very best in lyf..loads f luv..Kirti


    • I disagree, Samrockking. We as a human being attract many people in our life daily. But we need to be enough wise and to choose wisely who to let in our inner kingdom. But I can agree with something else-every good friend is the best gift in our life!


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