India 25. There is nothing better than sharing love



There are only few articles left before the end of my voluntary experience in India. I have been sharing my thoughts with you for almost half a year now, and I truly believe that I can touch your heart with my beliefs, ideas and spirit. I feel most of you, my readers, as my family now. Every day I am receiving many e-mails and letters from all over the world, I read about your appreciation and your vigor for changing our world for good and helping the less fortunate and that makes me happier than ever. That is why this week I want to share with you something very private, very personal. It is a video that my close friend made for me for my birthday while I was in India – one amazing gesture, which really moved me, because, as you know, I spent my special day far away from my country, family and friends. I want to share this with you, because I want to show you how important it is to support and to surprise your love ones. Make that effort because I can truly tell you how loved and happy I felt when I have received it, in spite of the fact that she was so far away from me. Because the love we give away, is the only love we keep… and there is no better thing than starving for life, starving for love! Enjoy!

The video you can see on our Facebook page-

«”A million dollar girl in euro and in green notes…and all the extras…”

”My darling, I hope I made you laugh with my silly video clip … I want to wish you Happy Birthday I want ..I want that in this moment, you have a very big smile on your face and you are not crying, because I know I am making you feel nostalgic at the moment. I want you to smile incredibly much, because I have a great news for you.. And it is that you are already 20 years old. You are a grown up, and the fact that you are in India at that early age, must make this the most wonderful birthday in your whole life.. Hah..I think I run out of ideas..:)) My love, I want to wish you to continue to be the same gorgeous person; to keep always this bravery to overcome everything difficult in your life and to move forward; to be always that intelligent and rational person with its incredible cause for a better world. And I know that with your work and with what you are doing the world is actually becoming a better place, and you are the one that makes it better.. I want to tell you that I love you incredibly much..I love everything in you.. I love that you are so persistent and hard working, I love how amazing you are.. And I just want you to know that I miss you very much.. I feel sorry that we couldn’t spend that day together, but you know I am always with matter where you are or what you are doing. I want you to be very happy, because you fully deserve it, no matter if you are in a relationship or not, you will always have me and our best friends (Elisabeth and Adelina). And you can always count on us… I think this is it.. I hope we will soon see each other.. I send you a big, big smile and a hug for your birthday. And now, get the party started!”>>

283630_251462591621778_4558359_n-my dear friend Ralitsa

411273_10150995815659379_187973823_o-1-together everywhere, this time in London400096_170300453071326_2133808462_nMy best 3 friends visiting my home in Italy where I am completing my Bachelor’s degree in political science

29511_1378534475428_695215_n-my best friends 

Thank you, Ral, for being such a good friend from the bottom of my heart.

And remember, my lovely readers..

There is nothing better than sharing love…which reminds me – soon on my blog FEED YOUR HUMANITY- African edition


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