Africa 19. Blind for love



… I know what it is to feel like you loved me … or touched me … and in the spiritual meaning of the word, I know how much you’ve changed me, how influential was your presence..

You gave hope to these children in Africa, you showed them a sense of humanity and revealed your soul, showing them the human side that they have hardly ever seen before and which they will continue to look for in themselves and in the others around them during their whole life.

But after you left, they were left alone in their search and somehow without any means or ways to find meaning, or somehow left to chance. But you had given them the greatest gift, to know that it exists – the sense of humanity exists, the human side is real and eventually one day they will find it…. * a dear friend who has known me for years


Talking to Kelvin’s physiotherapist, he shared that there is a strange rumor in the hospital and within the social workers about me.

“She couldn’t possibly be this good” – they were talking to each other. “Coming here with no reward, working all day at two places for free and being so preoccupied about Kalvin’s case running around with him in her arms every morning for his therapy ” (see the article about a little boy I have worked with that wasn’t able to walk or talk at the age of 6, after being abandoned with no food for weeks, in an old house by his family )


“She must be a spy sent from Europe that is making a report on us and our work. We must be very careful with her because she can put us in big trouble.”


Your perception of me is a Reflection of You. And often we don’t see things the way they are, we see them the way We are.

Maybe more often we need to open ourselves and make people see us from the inside. Sometimes we close ourselves often being deluded by close people or strangers and we play a game. A superficial one, showing ourselves, but picking parts that we know if somebody offends we wouldn’t be hurt about. But with “our secret game” based repeatedly on negative experiences and the perception of people around us. What are you pretending not to know?


My dear friend tells me every time that everybody knows everything but they pretend not to know anything. Is that the problem of our modern society? We are so afraid of not being “accepted” that we choose the discomfort of being someone else daily.

If only those people I was working with in Kenya stopped being afraid of the system and started feeling their own heart, it would have been so different and refreshing for those kids over there.

unspecified-9(time for some sunbathing after we had a bath)

Nowadays what I see in people is that more often they love with their eyes, not with their heart. Maybe that is why more and more people are afraid to show their own personality. Maybe that is why people in Africa were afraid of me being there. After all we usually judge what we know, right? What we recognize! In Kenya, they saw much more my youth rather than my compassion. The saw me very pretty, rather than someone capable of helping and loving unconditionally their kids. They misunderstood my motivation with someone being overbearing. They saw something but that something wasn’t me, my fault or theirs, we lost too much time in which we were able to help rather than judge.  But the moments I shared over there with those kids, I hope they felt my warming love and I hope it will guide them trough tough moments.10501628_527122807389087_4371532780177946372_n

Your perception of me is a Reflection of You. Remember that. And if you see my heart pure and lovable, I don’t know if it is, but I have a proof what is inside of yours.

Be peaceful,














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