Autism part 5: 26 minites


The phone rings.

There is a document I need to fill in right now,

my boyfriend is calling me from the other room.

My dog is biting my legs and yes, yes infinite things to do.

I am not happy, not happy , not happy.

I am going to resolve it. What’s next?

Feed the dog, leave my boyfriend, the document I will fill in, no problem, not responding to the call. I know it’s my grandmother I will call her tonight.

It took me 26 minutes for all.

But still not happy, not happy, I am not happy anymore.

Not only that, I am angry now, I am angry, I do nothing, I do nothing, just being angry.

What’s next?

I am alive, I am alive, I am alive. What for?

The most terrible feeling I have ever had is not being protected. Trusting someone who you believe should be your defense, shelter, preservation. Your home. The skin over your muscles. And he is not there. That I believe is the honest feeling most of the kids born with autism have. Our society is not only irresponsible for them but we as citizens are neglecting and even denying their existence.

I worked with kids having autism in August. Every morning I used to go to the building (their school) by foot, having this peaceful morning path in the Sea garden. It used to be hot in chilly mornings. Their school is a private institution, a very isolate one, that provides them with a beautiful surrounding, really good help and amazing and patient teachers. resize_on_the_fly.php.jpeg



Every morning I have been able to interact with these incredible children and be a part of something well structured which covers my beliefs – namely- we are all equal and we need to work for our society and be able to provide help to people with any kind of disabilities. Promoting volunteerism and social engagement between the young people in the country. “Karin dome” is one really special place. I saw these children, being so special and different in their childhood but also being so lively and honest. Every day I have had the opportunity to be together with these incredible little creatures and to learn to be even more patient and hopeful, having the strong ability and dreams. That if you do something in a good faith it can genuinely help. It can really make a difference. High quality services to children with special needs and their families were provided every day in this beautiful place. Preventing children from being abandoned in institutions and support the successful social integration of children and their families.

26 minutes a day we have to put everything all together.

There is a dog, there is always some work to do. Documents to be filled in. Boyfriend to love.

But just



Trust Me.

Those 26 minutes every day can be your weapon and can be something more. A lot more.

26 minutes per day, 182 minutes a week.

There are these 3 hours and 3 minutes you can use and make some difference for someone you know, or you don’t. 3 hours to try something different and believe a minus with your plus is always a PLUS.

And then you will still have your 3 minutes to give a smile, because you are no more ordinary. You are what your soul wants.

You are not someone who needs to be protected. You are someone who is protecting someone else.

You are the skin to his body.

You are a beautiful soul.

It only will cost you 26 minutes.

I am happy now. I am alive.

I am here to be your skin, I promise.

Because no one deserves the feeling of weakness and absence of protection.

I am here now. And I will stay.

Love, Paris


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