AUTISM Part : 6 I am inside this young body but I am still Paris. Please come in.

I am inside this young body.

“Hi. My name is Paris.

What’s your name? “- No response.

“Hello little prince, what’s your name?” – Not responding.

Looking elsewhere.
“Ok, I don’t mind, don’t tell me your name. But you have to promise one thing, are you ready, we will play. Is it ok for you?” – No response..

“What’s your favourite game? ” – No response.. “Are you not playing, little man… ” – He is escaping… “I will escape with you, little gourgessness.. I know, I understand…”




I love how our world is becoming more and more globalized. But what I have been observing for the past few years is that the information is literally everywhere and Internet access is so widespread and it’s amazing. But unfortunately together with this incredible modern world comes also a huge gap filled with superficialities. Right now the old saying “First impression is from your dress, last impression from your brains/wits.” has slowly become “First impression is from your dress, last impression is from your dress again.” People use the social media more and more often, pretending with surreal looks and judging others by their appearance rather than trying to know them better. Now everything is super accessible and easy. But together with the greatness of this fact comes also the disturbing truth – we as human beings are really moved by looks rather than real emotions. How easy is it even choosing a friend or a partner, or cheating on someone? You enter your pc, go on the social media and push a “like” botton or send a message even without really knowing those people. You like her face -that’s a “like”. He has nice abs “that’s a private message”. She is engaged though, but who really cares, you really like her face and will die for having her in your bed or would even have a relationship with her. But who is she at the first place? Push a ‘like” and we will see…we will see… but do we actually see??

Do you know how often people tell me “You don’t look like someone who does volunteer work or who created an association that provokes people to do voluntarism, usually we imagine a middle age, chubby lady who does that”- they say, “not a cheerful and attractive girl in her twenties.” I’m stunned that people still live in that HUGE box where the looks are more important rather than what’s inside the person who stands in front of them. I am 2 hands supporter for global society and progress in any possible way, but how come we all have a device (phone, computer, iPad) in our pocket that gives us the whole world in our palm and we are still affecting/judging people according to their appearances? Unfortunately, after sharing with people and even journalists, that I have been working with children who have AIDS and with autistic kids or kids born with multiple palsy, the reaction was all the same. First – Weren’t you afraid? ; and second – Wasn’t it really difficult to teach/talk with some kids who apparently have some problems and watch them suffer while having their special needs? I am really terrified to even write about that, but dear readers, I have been having this issue for too long inside my soul, and I can’t help it but share this (according to me disgusting and unbelievable) reaction.

For the young readers – I have a question.

Do you love your mom, dad, your boyfriend, because of their looks, or because you feel it in your heart? Would you love your partner/spouse if he has an accident and lose one eye, or burn their skin in their whole body and face? Would you love your father if he has AIDS? Would you love your kid if he was/is born with autism?


For yourself, I really don’t think I am ready for your answer. What is love? Do you love someone until you find something “ugly or brutal”, according to you, in their looks? And what if you wake up tomorrow and smash your car and remain disabled for life ? Do you think your father, mother, partner will stay with you? Are we really different from the kids having autism? Why I see people turning heads when they see such kids on the street or a person on a wheelchair? Even when I worked with kids in “Karin dom” having autism, their teachers mentioned that many volunteers give up in first two days, because “they can’t stand to watch this kids suffering from autism and multiple palsy”. “That’s their life- I said- “they are not suffering, they are just living their lives, trying to make themselves a better version of THEMSELVES just like us” – I added.

What if I am pretty today but tomorrow someone throws some acid and my face changes forever? Wouldn’t I deserve love? What’s wrong with us that we think someone having a disability is more different than us or deserves pitiness?

Do we actually think this person is more different than us from the inside?

One last question? Do you love someone for their soul or you choose them on the principle of survival of the fittest?

“You don’t have soul, you are soul, you have body.”

I am inside this young body,

but I love and I help with my heart and soul. And next time you judge someone by their looks or you are upset by their disabilities, remember that life is a wheel that rotates continuously and no one is protected. And it’s not the flesh and bones what counts, not the brain that maybe functions differently than ours. It’s what is inside, what a smile can bring, when a look from that person can give you a positive chill inside, when words comes within. And it only counts when you enter deep inside someone else’s world…

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”…

To be continued…




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