Italy for love.

Love. It was all in my mind. First time I meet a person whom I am in love with and want to share my voluntary efforts with. His name is Luigi Tomaselli.

We live in fast century.



Fast Cars

Fast Relationships

Fast Values.

They teach us that we need to do big, dream big, be successful, hustle, Hustle, hustle. But my truth is that we need more small actions. Little gestures, we need to slow Down.



It is overwhelming to dream about a big house but we need to learn how to put the bricks on. Brick by brick.



For the past six years I was able to tell you my story. First I wrote about my experience in Asia, working with kids who do not have the possibility for a good education. After more than 50 articles I’ve started new blog posts about Kenya, Africa where I’ve spent the summer working in two children’s homes. In one of them having a group of ten kids having Aids and one group who had to find their shelter in the institution as they were molested and beaten in their own homes.


Soon after I have started a new project, sharing my work with kids having multiple palsy and Autism in Bulgaria.


After more than 100 articles I named my very first abassador – namely mr Honey Katiyal who is someone who I openly and wholeheartedly am more than impressed by. Not only is he the biggest real estate  Tycoon in India, but Mr Honey Katiyal, Founder & CEO of Investors Clinic is a visionary genius and a person who does everything in the name of HUMANITY and helped me a lot during my voluntary journey.




Now after so many years of FEED YOUR HUMANITY that I  build at the age of 21 *currently almost 28, and creating my line of 5 t-shirts in sale where all the profits go to support women who have breast cancer *see the tap T-SHIRTS for more info.


I am ready to share something very different from my previous work. Something that made me value life differently.

Made me value more the basics we take for granted. Something that was born within love. The love of sharing.





We usually imagine the hunger in developing countries and it is hard for us to understand that the hunger is everywhere. In many towns in Europe we have beautiful shops, many restaurants and places to have fun in, but actually there are really many many people who find it hard to meet the ends. I was in my third year in the university in Italy when I was able to start working in a very different place in South of Italy. Place where I saw “a different Italy”.

I was able to work in an institution where I and my partner helped with a preparation of a food for people who do not have the possibility to secure themselves and have this very basic human need. It was my first summer in South of Italy, spending the summer vacations with my boyfriend Luigi. Italy is so famous with it’s architecture, beautiful designs of cars, homes, incredible history and magnifique food. But actually there are places in which you can see extreme poverty and people who do not have shelter. Studying in Bologna’s university which is situated in Northern Italy I was able to live in well organized place, where there were many job opportunities and possibilities to have a dignified income. This first summer in Calabria shown me something very different. The standard of living at all in the South is very different. I met many people telling me stories how for them it is very difficult to find a job or have a regular income. I could see that even the cost of living changes from the North. A coffee will be around 70 cents when in Bologna, Venice, Milan and many big cities in the North it is up to 1,50 euro. In Calabria I could see many buildings that are ruined and without care of, also the infrastructure at all was very less cured and organized.

But the main difference I found in the institution where me and Luigi were helping, preparing food for the people in need…

To be continued…

Forever yours