United always”

is what we stand for, because we believe that the more we are- the better we are – the more help it will bring. Right now we are working to provide help to patients with cancer in the city of Varna in Bulgaria. You can also join our cause and volunteer whenever you can. Simply spending time with a patient, who is undergoing chemotherapy would make a big difference to them since a lot of their family members are unable to do so.


We are also launching 4 products 3 unisex “Humanity t-shirts” and one “HUMANITY BAG”. You can e-mail us edit.lv@yahoo.it and order your HUMANITY ITEM where all the profits will go to support the cancer patients. 


You know what they say – you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you back. Let’s be united, let’s make a difference because that way we will be incredibly strong and we will change this world for good. Are you ready?

  1. Humanity “basic” t-shirt – 17 euro* 34 лв.
  2.  “Humanity “glitter special”- 19 euro* 39 лв
  3.   “Humanity “glitter GOLD”- 23 euro*  39 лв
  4. “Humanity “glitter GOLD MAGIC”- 23 euro* 39 лв
  5. Humanity “HONEY” t-shirt – 17 euro* 34лв

FOR ORDERS WHATSAPP US +39 391 73 266 45 or e-mail us on edit.lv@yahoo.it

FOR PAYMENTS PAYPAL edit.lv@yahoo.it or via bank account *write to us for details


  • Africa approx. 7 euro x t-shirt 
  • Europe  approx. 3 euro x t-shirt 
  • Asia. approx. 7 euro x t-shirt 
  • North America.approx. 7 euro x t-shirt 
  • South America.approx. 7 euro x t-shirt 
  • Australia (or Oceania)approx. 7 euro x t-shirt 
  • Antarctica.approx. 7 euro x t-shirt 
  • for bigger orders write to us so we can calculate the shipping cost



  1. Humanity “basic” t-shirt – 17 euro* 34 лв

2.  “Humanity “glitter special”- 19 euro* 39 лв



3.   “Humanity “glitter GOLD”- 20 euro* 39 лв



4.   “Humanity “glitter GOLD MAGIC”- 20 euro* 39лв


5. Humanity “HONEY” t-shirt – 17 euro* 34лв