19060190_1071375516297144_6061080844850635786_n“Mudita is taught in Buddhism as a way of gaining an inner source of infinite joy which can always be accessed and enjoyed. While this kind of empathetic joy is seen as being the most difficult of the brahmavihara (four sublime attitudes) to achieve, it can greatly enhance the life of anyone who achieves it.”


“I believe we were born COLORLESS and with every breath and emotion we absorb billions of colors, but every time we sacrifice or we suffer, or somebody we love suffers we loose colours. Not even loose them but they simply fade and loose their unique taste. They metamorphose.” 

It is important to remember that mudita is a pure kind of pleasure which is gained from another’s accomplishments without any form of self-interest involved.

resize_on_the_fly.phpWhile volunteering I’ve seen so much pain . Going home after I often felt the need to be around the people I love the most. When you are in the environment when you see “no choice, no chance”, when you see constant and huge pain you start appreciating what you have in life. It’s pity but the truth is that we often need dark to appreciate light. Nothing is given for granted but most of the time we understand it when we loose something. We are all equal as human beings and we need to understand that life is so unpredictable that we don’t have “insurance” for happiness or health. And what we have now maybe won’t be what we will have the day after. And usually we live without seeing how blessed we are and we focus on mini problems until the moment something bad happens and make us appreciate what we had in first place. Why? Why we need the darkness to see the beauty?

Dear Human being,


Please start with appreciation. Do it for yourself, do it for the people you love.  We often misunderstand what love is and sometimes we do and we accept some bad behaviors which are poisonous in our day to day life. We believe that love is something that sometimes is bad but what I believe is that love is always pure. We happen to believe sometimes that some “toxic behaviors” are actually love. I have been there and done that also until I had the possibility to study my own self and understand one simple truth. To be true to yourself and to love in the name of the pure love is what actual love is.  Purity.


Many times in my life, people whom I believed were willing me the best actually made me feel in a bad way probably not having pure intentions. I believed at the time that this is love, but it isn’t. Those were their own insecurities and unawareness and they treated me poorly as a result of their own issues not because I did something wrong or wasn’t enough of what they wanted me to be.


Autism. I have decided this would be my last article about autism, not because I have said it all, I barely covered everything as I have planned. But because I believe that while writing about Autism disorder and my work with the kids suffering from it, I thought you something way more important. I gave you a very important «key». That is purely the understanding that no amount of guilt, no amount of pittiness, no amount of anxiety could actually change our past or our future. From my past experience, while walking on my path in the volunteerism, is to gain the pure understanding that there is no significant importance of what is happening to us but our reaction towards it.

2764.jpgLOVE in every gesture, in every moment must be pure. Our actions must be pure, and no matter how bad our life situation feels at the time, our perception must be that we are over control.

Dear readers,

I feel so much love and peace inside myself and just wanted to share with you that the first step and the only step is that everything you are searching for is most probably already inside of you. And the only thing you need to do is to understand that love is pure, love is joyful and if somebody wishes you well he would do anything to make you happy. Love is not ugly, love is not painful with no reason. And what I love the most is that how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.

Be blessed.

Fall in love with yourself and lets pour some pure love for everyone around us. Because remember – Taking care of yourself = keeping your cup full.  If you don’t do things to keep your cup full, you have nothing left to give or share with others. Love yourself and you will be always loved.

Thank you for all the support during our AUTISM AWARENESS journey. Stay who you are.


Love forever and ever.



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