Chapter 1 AUTISM- The world from a different perspective


Deep in our minds I believe there are only two simple desires that we live for. One is to be happy and the other – not to experience any suffering.

The little I know about life is that no matter that these two things sound really simple it’s actually very difficult to be balanced enough and live like this. But what I know is that may we cannot control any or very little material experience, but we surely have the power to experience joy in our own mind. That is how happiness is born and how it can only live inside of us.


We look around and see our dreams lived by others – a new fancy car, a fit body, a marvelous relationship. And there is a feeling of envy that is growing inside of us. And we focalize often not about what we have, but what we don’t. Why?

There is little in being “more” or having “more” than someone else, and then there is everything in being gracious of what we are and how we manage to be “more” than we used to be before. In order to achieve that and “be happy” we need to accept that there is no objective reality. Often somebody we love maybe is the biggest enemy of someone. Maybe someone who made us suffer is actually the greatest dad in the world. And if we accept that we can easily see that – true -we are many and different, but We are not good or bad, just we experience individual dissimilar life experience. For us as creatures is pretty important to understand that the reality is inside of us not on the outside. And the truest life experience is what we have inside of our mind and soul, inside of our heart. And only if we love madly and accept what is deep in our soul and unlock it without any expectations, we can truly love and accept what is surrounding our physical body. Being present doesn’t mean not having ambitions and plans or dreams. It means be happy about our present situation and being able to work and active even more in the meantime. Remember we are all different, but we still all have our blood running into our veins. What is driving us-namely love we experience unify and stimulate us to be alive and enjoy our life.


Hi, my name is Paris and it’s an incredible joy to see you again! I started this site back in April 2013 after I spent one month volunteering in Africa. Back then, it was a way to keep my family and friends involved in my voluntary experience, but soon I realized I was devoted to writing stories about my work that a wider audience might enjoy.


I shared my views and my opinions that every form of volunteering and helping others is great. Back in 2012, sharing a photo of me cutting my hair so I can donate for kids who suffer Leukemia I felt many people supported me and my view of living a more caring life, knowing our real potential of being able to do good and help the less fortunate. Some of the people around me even did the same and they cut their hair to help those kids, which was so inspiring.



My friends and family supported me and luckily, soon after “Feed your humanity” was born: my alter ego who’s apparently happy to share the challenges and stories when volunteering I’d often shy away from in normal life. After so much travelling the only constant I had was my writing, my expression to be able to reach more of you to help more of them. Naturally, writing became like a lymph, like extension of my being. There was no home, home was writing and helping, home was every time I see my ideas were born and grown up.

I’ve volunteered with many different projects where children are the main focus. It’s becoming increasingly important to be completely aware of what impact you’ll make before you commit to volunteering with kids – as there could be more negative connotations than you’d think.

I think there should be a good balance between being a good teacher and being able to enjoy your work during your experience in different organizations and meeting diversity of cultures, problems and life stories. After my numerous articles about my reality and point of view while volunteering in India and Kenya, I want to write and share with you so many projects I was running over the years and the one I do at the moment. But one by one. Before all that I want to introduce to you something that is really close to my heart and I would love to discuss with you. Most importantly because of the pretty sensible nature of the topic and how fast it’s growing as an issue in our modern society- children with Autism.


I was blessed to be able to volunteer with some really gorgeous kids having autism and I am pretty enthusiastic to tell you more about the time sharing with those incredible and full of diversity kids. I also hope with the next articles I can help you to have a better perception about people with this condition. Often in our society we don’t discuss enough some “sharp” topics leading to nescience and even some strange reactions when confronting a certain problem. I strongly believe that more we talk maybe more conscious and knowledge we will be able to bring into those families and the society which surrounds them. After all we are all some marvelous human creatures.


Nowadays, unfortunately, I find people’s understanding of Autism to be a struggle and I honestly hope I can change that. For those who don’t know what is it Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. It’s important also to know that there is no cure.

In more simple words The brain of the kids is made differently than your brain or my brain. It’s not bad, just different. So they don’t think about things the same way you or I think. They can’t, their brain is just different.


Then I would give examples like this:



You might not like dogs because you’re afraid they might bite. Well they don’t see dogs the same way you do. They might like them because they have 4 legs. It’s not bad, just different.



I would also say, it took me a while to really be sympathetically or knowledgeably aware of the character and nature of their condition. It’s not something you just get. I needed to be in contact with some autistic kids to be able to understand them better and be more useful while working with them.


I hope I can discuss and even acknowledge you about the children who have this type of diagnosis.

So welcome to the very colorful world of autistic kids! Have a wonderful weekend ahead and remember that only a pure heart makes a beautiful life being.




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